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Passionate and pragmatic. I love building clean applications in agile way while having the best coding practices in mind. Motivated by solving problems, improving existing codebase, helping the team and being proactive. As a dedicated and tenacious servant leader, I believe that transparency along with continuous interaction is the key of fruitful collaborations.

8 impasse de la scierie
57330 Zoufftgen, France


06.2019 - ...
Co-founder & programmer at Kidola, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Kidola is essentially a child activity passport at your fingertips that makes it easy to collect and share information between parents and caregivers. The app effectively provides a digital transition between daycare and home that ensures continuity in terms of essential information for childcare: allergies, meals, medicines, naps, diapers and activities. Kidola makes it easier for everyone concerned to stay informed about each child in their care, allowing more time to be spent on what is most important of all: keeping children safe and happy.

06.2018 - 01.2022
Scrum Master at Redspher, Contern, Luxembourg
12.2015 - 06.2018
Scrum Master at EuroDNS, Leudelange, Luxembourg

Focused on helping the team members reaching their full productivity and guiding them to deliver qualitative products. I fight missing specifications, incorrect information, fantasist forecasts and incoming issues.

Main responsibilities:
  • run the sprints from the planning to the release ensuring that the process is followed
  • define resources and schedule the sprint
  • oversee team and ensure its productivity
  • identify and solve sprint issues
  • refine backlog
  • enable close cooperation across all roles
  • shield the team from external interferences
  • motivate the team
Other responsibilities:
  • release management
  • operational monitoring
  • code review
  • design and maintain documentation
  • technical support
01.2014 - 06.2018
Senior Programmer Analyst at EuroDNS, Leudelange, Luxembourg
01.2009 - 01.2014
Programmer Analyst at EuroDNS, Leudelange, Luxembourg

Ensure that the quality and technical aspects are developed to the highest standard possible. Develop, customize and enhance the internal applications. Analysis and synthesis of needs, time estimation and planning of development, JAVA development (backend/frontend), web development, graphic integration, scripting, maintaining new and legacy code, documentation and code review.


January 2019
Project Manager at Tokeny

"Simon is a glorious fighter! He will fight until the end against unclean, illogical and just 'good enough' solutions and products. He is smart, responsible, passionate, yet very focused. With his critical mindset, he makes sure that his team never settles for anything but the best results for the customers. As a SCRUM master and team leader, he takes time to educate his team, explain everything in detail and translate the big picture into an actionable plan. As a senior software developer, Simon has extensive experience and knowledge in various areas and he is always willing to find the time, and the right approach (that frequently includes one of his famous, self explanatory drawings and sketches) to break complicated processes into an engaging, yet simple explanation for non technical members of the company. Being a servant leader you can always count on, Simon is a breed rarely found, a man of substance and integrity. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know him, let alone work with him for almost 3 years."

May 2018
CIO at vyzVoice

"I had the pleasure of managing Simon for seven years as Software Engineer at EuroDNS, during which we collaborated on several projects. Meticulous is the word that comes to mind when I think about Simon, and I was particularly impressed by Simon's ability to pay attention to details in the final product, for which he will challenge conventions. His passion for technology and his efficiency would be a real asset for any positions requiring an experienced software engineer and comes of course with my sincere recommendation."


Website grouping various tools made for various stakeholders (Heroku, PHP, PostgreSQL, Kanbanize)

Logged times (developer details, completion, teams, etc.). Hotfixes (sump up, card history, etc.). Board stats (hotfix time, hour/point ratio, cards under and overestimated, etc.). Global stats (CAPEX/OPEX, Features/Bugs, Allocated to, etc.).

Website content extractor (NodeJS, ExpressJS, Puppeteer)

Raw data, HAR (HTTP Archive), screenshot, palette, languages and content analysis.

2017 - 2018
OpenXchange migrations (Java, Maven, Hibernate, Tapestry, HTML, SCSS, jQuery, Git, Tomcat)

New client and administration interfaces, new product life cycles and migrations.

2015 - 2016
Showcase website (Craft CMS, PHP, Twig, LESS, Vagrant, Grunt, Git)

Provide to the marketing team a faster and more independent way to communicate with the customers. Create an ETL to be able to display business information.

SSL certificates (Java, Maven, Tapestry, HTML, SCSS, jQuery, Git, Tomcat)

Create connector to centralize communications to various SOAP APIs (general functions, service & query calls, account functions). Create some client (configuration, upselling) and administration parts.

Whois privacy (Java, Tapestry, Groovy, Git)

Create client parts (buy, view and manage). Migration from the legacy system to the new one.

White label solution (Java, Tapestry, Hibernate, Spring, HTML, CSS, Git)

Update client and administration parts in order to provide a real white label solution to our main resellers.

Website rebuild (Java, Tapestry, Hibernate, Spring, HTML, SCSS, jQuery, Git)

Create pages for the showcase and the control panel.

2009 - 2019
Other personal projects (PHP, Laravel, Java, Android SDK, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, ExpressJS, Git)

API. Light torrent-based personal video recorder. Association website (single page website). Introduction to Android application development. ETL (Extract, Transform and Load). Various websites (site builder, sharing website, personal pages, etc.). CSS frameworks.


2007 - 2008
Bachelor's degree in IT (IUT Charlemagne, Nancy, France)
2005 - 2007
Higher national diploma in IT (IUT Charlemagne, Nancy, France)
High school diploma in sciences (Verdun, France)


August 2017
Scrum (Udemy)
April 2017
Test driven development (Zenika)
July 2016
Scrum training (Agile Partner)
September 2011
Hibernate (Zenika)
September 2011
Java advanced (Zenika)
March 2010
Java intermediate (Zenika)

Personal skills

Programming languages

Java, PHP, JavaScript
Ruby, Bash, C, COBOL, XSLT, ASM

Markup, structural and presentational languages

HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, Markdown

Frameworks / libraries

Laravel, jQuery, ExpressJS, Puppeteer, Hibernate, Spring, Tapestry
Android SDK, ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, Compass, Craft CMS, CakePHP, PEAR

Version control softwares


Database management systems

SQLite, Oracle

Method for managing software projects

Scrum, Pair programming
Test driven development

Operating systems / tools

macOS, Windows, Raspbian, G Suite, Trello, Kanbanize
Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Jira


Native language
Written and spoken
Basic knowledge